IT Communicator

Nguyen Dang Khanh Linh

My name is Linh, I'm 28 years old and I'm from Hue city. I've been living in Ho Chi Minh City for about 5 years now and I've been working at Vortech system for 2 years.
When I was in university, I wanted to become a BRSE and studied Japanese very hard.
At first, I just thought, "I can make money and IT is somehow cool," so I chose the IT industry and started as an IT communicator.
But gradually, as I worked, I grew to love my job as an IT communicator, and I am convinced that I made the right decision in the past.
Now I feel that every day is a learning experience because of the difficulties and rewards of the IT industry.
Job Description
My current job is a "Listening and translating work." as a communicator.
I mainly work as an IT communicator, interpreting and translating from Japanese to Vietnamese or from Vietnamese to Japanese.
I'm currently working on general affairs, visa arrangements, and other things.
I also deal with the landlord of the building where the office is located, and other small things.
What I am particular about in my work and what I pay attention to
The most important thing is to "listen" and "understand" so that the engineer gets the message through to the listener.
For example, when I get instructions from the Japanese side, I have to listen carefully and understand what information they really need to tell first, and then you don't just tell the engineer.
It is important to check again that I understand and agree with them.
On the other hand, when there is a confirmation from the Vietnamese side, I have to listen carefully to what everyone is trying to say or what is troubling them, so I have to think logically, not just as an interpreter.

Interpreting and translating systems is difficult for me, so if I don't work harder to understand it, That can have a negative affect on the engineer.
Therefore, I am trying my best to acquire knowledge about IT in addition to improving my Japanese language skills.

Software Develop

Tran Dinh Thi

I'm Tee. I am currently 38 years old.
In unversity, I majored in technology and education because I was very interested in learning and excellence in new technologies.
I am still strongly passionate about studying coding.
Initially, I studied coding on my own and learned everything I could by doing research online.
The reason I started was because I was deeply interested in how projects are completed.
I'm also very interested in creative problem solving, thanks to the skills I've developed during the past eight years working as an developer.
Job Description
I currently work as a programmer.
In addition to that, I support my team members.
I am in a position to educate them and advise them on how to solve the problems of the project if they don't understand something.
What is your commitment and attention to work?
Projects can often be very difficult and stressful, usually when deadlines are looming.
My job is to make sure that I and every member of the team I work with stay motivated.
Ultimately, being able to stay motivated improves the efficiency and quality of our work.
For example, even if someone feels their skills are currently low, I make them believe that if they are passionate about the coding they love, it will lead to their future.
I work hard to motivate and encourage them to work hard.
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    Do Ba Hung

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    Akiko Yuasa


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